The Law Office of Jeremy M. Bernstein

A family law practice with over 40 years of experience.


“Faced with the shock of a divorce after a 25+ year marriage, I had to quickly secure legal counsel. Jeremy Bernstein was consistently mentioned as one of the best, and it was easy to find information validating his vast experience and legal knowledge. What I soon learned was that Jeremy is also personable, compassionate, honest and trustworthy. He was very responsive and resourceful, and guided me through the difficult unraveling and separation of long-term investments and assets. Jeremy has a direct yet calming approach to dealing with the inherent challenges and disagreements in a divorce. I understand why friends consistently provided his name, and now I am happy to unequivocally recommend Jeremy!” – GG

“Jeremy represented me in a divorce after 25 years of marriage. It was complex and Jeremy functioned as the quarterback with all my long term advisers. He oversaw the modification of 3 children’s trusts , a charity trust, the sale and distribution of three properties (one foreign), the division/sale of stocks, tax planning and the divorce decree. The decree has been tested twice with favorable outcomes. Jeremy was able to grasp complex issues and documents and displayed excellent negotiating skills always working in my behalf. He gave me sound counseling resulting in a fair and equitable result.” – JF

“Jeremy Bernstein has represented myself and my children through the hardest battle we have fought in our lives. Not only did this include divorce litigation, it also required his vast knowledge to represent us in brutal legal dealings for child custody and a domestic violence case. He has taken the utmost care of myself, my children, and my family. Jeremy takes the time to get it right every time. I would not hesitate to recommend him to everyone I know.” – SB

“Jeremy Bernstein turned a horrific post-divorce legal attack on me into a life of peace and enjoyment for me and my daughters. He systematically and professionally defended my position, always taking the high road, and the result was far better than I could have ever hoped for. Years later, I asked him to resolve a complex divorce related financial issue. Within a day, he devised and enacted a brilliant strategy to obtain a court order seizing the funds I was owed. I am eternally grateful to Jeremy for repeatedly advocating for me and my children.” – WJ

“It’s a rare occasion when one describes their experience in divorce and family law as outstanding, however Jeremy Bernstein and the Bernstein Law team delivered just that.  From a technical standpoint, I felt advise and counsel were spot on with respect to tactics and strategy…most important of which was Jeremy’s request for us to consider Collaborative Law.  However, family law and one’s adviser isn’t simply about techniques, but team orientation, the ability to hear and empathize as well as chemistry.  Jeremy and his team far surpassed any expectation in that category too, and remains a person who I admire, like, respect and feel enormously comfortable listening to.  I would recommend Jeremy Bernstein and the team to anyone.” – JD

“Jeremy Bernstein is an honorable attorney. From our first meeting, he set the right tone: respect for all concerned. During the most tumultuous time of my life Jeremy guided me with a steady and kind hand. I have recommended him numerous times to my friends. He is a man of character and wisdom. With thoughtful, strategic and compassionate guidance Jeremy created an emotional space for me to compose myself and assess my priorities. Always fair and realistic, he helped me achieve an equitable resolution to a long-term marriage, resulting in a harmonious relationship for the family. I will remain grateful to Jeremy for his kindhearted, efficient and effective counsel.” – AY

“I am recommending Jeremy Bernstein for your practice. I have had Jeremy as my family lawyer for over 15 years. He has represented me in two divorces and one prenuptial agreement. Most importantly, he has represented me in parental joint custody issues with my ex-wife as I was the primary parent of my three children in Aspen, CO over the last 14 years while their mother lived in Maui and Malibu. Jeremy has been very effective with the local judges who know him to be an honest, straightforward, and ethical lawyer and every one of our motions to the judges regarding my children’s well being has been granted without the requirement for a hearing. Jeremy is very familiar working with high net worth individuals and the unique challenges of these types of cases. He has his small boutique family law practice in Aspen, CO and I cannot recommend him more highly as a member of your future team.” – BE

“Bernstein Law managed my divorce with utmost integrity and professionalism. After over forty years of marriage my case was a complex high net worth situation. With property in four states, legal battles over which state laws should determine the settlement, and a spouse who thought I deserved very little, my case was handled with utmost care and intelligence. The outcome allows me to live the lifestyle I am comfortable with and also to be able to do things for my four adult children. I am forever grateful to Jeremy Bernstein and his employees for the care they took with every aspect of this divorce.” – RC

“Mr. Bernstein is the strongest advocate one could ever hope for. His comprehensive knowledge of the law is astonishing, his depth of compassion for protecting children from harm is beyond admirable. He is fastidious and firm, compassionate and human. Truly the best at what he does.” – Client