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The “Divorcing Process”

If you are contemplating filing for divorce, you will want to know what you will be facing and how long it will take.  Jeremy has worked with many clients who have been faced with this very difficult choice.  He will assist you throughout the “divorcing process” from the initial consultation through settlement and, when necessary, through trial.

A divorce or a legal separation is a process that takes time and a toll on husbands, wives and children.  The actual process usually begins long before an individual contacts an attorney.  During the divorcing process, the parties to the divorce or legal separation go through various emotional stages which are similar to the grieving process that people go through as a result of a death of a spouse or a loved one.  Jeremy takes a holistic approach to help his clients through the emotional trauma that often occurs during the divorcing process.

The divorcing process is legally initiated by the filing of a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage or Petition for Legal Separation.  One of the parties must have lived in the state of Colorado for 91 days prior to the filing of the Petition.  If both parties agree to file a Petition, they can file as Co-Petitioners.

The Court can enter a Decree of Dissolution of Marriage or Decree of Legal Separation 91 days after the Court has jurisdiction over the case and the parties.  In many cases, the divorcing process takes from a year to a year and a half depending on the complexity of the case, the ability of the parties to reach agreements and whether the case is settled or proceeds to a Permanent Orders Hearing.

Jeremy has assisted hundreds of clients through the divorcing process and will help you to understand and successfully navigate this process.